St George Sewing Trip!

My hubby sometimes travels for work, and I was lucky enough to tag along this time!

Hubby and I at the St George Narrows, or Pioneer Park. It was a fun hike!

My four beautiful children make it difficult to go anywhere. I love the kids and the resulting chaos, but not a fan of that chaos being trapped in a car for 5 hours and then in a hotel room for even longer. Lol!

I planned to bring my sewing machine because I knew there would be two days spent puttering around while the hubby did his work. He offered to let me drive the car, but I knew I wouldn’t have as much fun exploring without him.

Flying geese and HSTs in this custom baby blanket!

Sheridan shipped this beauty to me and I was able to send it back completed relatively quickly! Because we are all dealing with pandemic, quarantine, and social distancing, my longarming has slowed significantly. This made it a lot easier to finish up this quilt and ship it back in plenty of time. Hopefully she will send me an action shot once baby boy gets here!

She asked for something a bit specific in the quilting, and I was intrigued by the screen shot she sent me. I did my best to figure out something similar, and she assured me she was thrilled with the end result! If you want to check out her awesome skills and fabric tastes, check her out on Instagram – Meraki Cotton.


Sewing set up in the hotel room

Plus, I would be perfectly content sewing in the hotel room – completely uninterrupted – for hours on end!! That NEVER happens!

I brought along a few UFOs that I hadn’t been able to finish on my industrial Bernina. I do all my sewing at home on an industrial Bernina – it’s what I inherited from my great grandma (through my great aunt Donna, who happens to be the mother of Aunt Kathy, my longarm benefactor).

My stacks of UFOs that I brought along.

My portable Bernina is actually a machine I’m “borrowing” from my mom and has hundreds of different stitches! So I was able to do a blanket stitch on a few of my fusible appliqué projects.

KimberBell design for a Halloween Pillowcase

I had been putting off finishing this project because of all the small pieces that I would have to stitch around.

And I was justified in delaying it! Man, that took a long time. I spent almost all of my sewing time stitching around all these appliqué pieces with the blanket stitch.

Close up of a blanket stitch

That means I didn’t make much progress on any of the other UFOs, but I’m still counting it as a win!

I did get an hour or two to work on this quilt pattern by Rob Appel from Man Sewing. It’s a super cute basket weave or rail fence type pattern! Hopefully I’ll find some time in the future to finish it up. Check out his YouTube tutorial here.

These ombré fabrics are gonna be gorgeous in this quilt!

I still have to sew up the white strips on the other side before I can start sub cutting to piece the quilt top. I’m sure I’ll get it done eventually!

Thanks for checking in, and happy quilting everyone!