New York Lattice QAL

Weeks 3 & 4

Wow!! Time has flown with this quilt along! Week 3 basically didn’t even happen for me. I don’t wasn’t too far behind, so it didn’t take long to catch up. I’m trying hard to follow along because I don’t want this to become another UFO!

Sewing together Block 2

It’s a good thing that I’ve been having weekly Live Chats on Instagram with Sheridan (Meraki Cotton). She has been an awesome accountability partner for this QAL!

Getting ready to press. I’m making progress!

This pattern is pretty simple and sews up pretty quickly too. I think that’s the allure with this pattern from Knot and Thread. It’s simple yet eye catching. The frame and lattice lines keep your eye roving over the quilt. And the blocks are on point!!

(Blocks on point – taking a quilt block and turning it 45 degrees so it is “on its point”.) This is a great way to take a regular block and add a twist to the design of the quilt.

Blocks 1, 2, and 3!

I think my favorite part of this pattern so far was block 3. This was sewn up and then cut on the diagonal to make the edge triangle setting blocks for the quilt.

Laying out the quilt – check out my awesome olive green carpet! ?

After I got all the blocks sewn up, I moved onto the layout. Some quilters use a design wall so they don’t have to crawl around on the floor as they place blocks.

I used to have a design wall, but have moved to the floor for two reasons: I have a large cut table pushed up against the wall, which cuts down on my wall space.

What used to be my “design wall” – now known as the wall I’m afraid to disturb because I don’t want to find mold.

Secondly: I’m worried there might be problems in that wall. Like potentially mold…??????? Last summer we had a sprinkler spraying the house. I guess watering the front of your house doesn’t actually make it grow. ??‍♀️

As soon as I realized what was going on we shifted the sprinkler and dried out my wall…

BUT… we now have to check and see if there is an actual problem. I’ll DEFINITELY be blogging about that one. Not because I’m proud of my potential mold. No way. But because it’s happening in my quilt space and hopefully it can be a tale of caution for others. Don’t water your house! (Duh).

Anyway, I still have to sew up Block 4 to make the corners, but I’m thrilled with how this is coming along!

The blocks all laid out!

Stay tuned for the progress pics on this quilt. I hope to post them soon! Until next week…. Happy quilting everyone!