New York Lattice QAL

Final Week

I got this puppy finished!!!


It feels soo nice to have this quilt done! I very seldom finish a quilt within a month of starting it.

And by “seldom” I mean “never”!

We went on a walk around the neighborhood to scout out some photo ops. We live in a gorgeous area with lots of mountain streams and parks nearby, so I was able to get some awesome pics!

Walking the quilt to take some photos

And the kids enjoyed the walk, too! (I think…) They especially loved playing in the creek while I was snapping pics. And a special thanks to my dear friend Liz, who helped hold the quilt for me!

Photographing quilts is no joke! It’s always nice to have some helping hands over the age of 5. ??

It was fun to be part of the IG community and to sew along with Knot and Threads! You can check out her page here.

 She gives great advice on finishing up her quilt pattern. She suggests stitching around the perimeter of the quilt – this stabilizes the outer seams and the blocks on point. As a longarm quilter, I can tell you this makes my life SO MUCH easier!


The blocks before I finished sewing them together.

You don’t have to stitch around the edge, but it keeps the quilt from stretching and distorting during machine quilting.



If you have finished your New York Lattice quilt along and are in need of a longarm quilter, contact me for a quote on finishing up your quilt! 



(Knot and Thread is also offering 20% off longarm services for anyone that participated in her quilt along. I’m just saying… great discounts going on right now!)



There are also some *gorgeous* quilts over on instagram. Just check out the hashtag #newyorklatticeqal.


I’m just sayin’… check these out!! ?

Thanks so much to Kaitlyn of Knot and Thread. This was such a fun quilt to sew! Thanks for the quilt along! ?

Shauna Westergard - Longarm Quilter