May Finishes and Life Changes

Hello my lovelies!!

It’s been a hot minute since I’ve posted on my blog… life has become hectic and seemingly unpredictable for me. As it turns out, we will be moving again! *Again*.

Ugh. That’s right. I’m really going to miss a lot of things here in Colorado. Especially the amazing friends we’ve made here. We will be heading back to our old neck of the woods for a bit until the job situ settles down for hubby. Then we’ll see what comes next! And I have to figure out packing up all my sewing supplies. Again. 😂 

It’s kind of odd for me to be moving so much as I’ve only ever lived in one city my whole life until we moved out here. And really, it’s been an incredible experience that I wouldn’t trade for anything. 

I’m the meantime, we are fixing up our house and finishing up the end of school year craziness. And in between all of this I did a crazy thing and challenged myself to a #sevendaysewoff on Instagram! I was able to finish up three quilts and several other smaller projects!

These quilts have been sitting in my UFO closet for years… the Cadence Court quilt is at least 4 years old! It’s gorgeous, I love the rainbow colors and the fun circle design – but it is an FPP project (Foundation Paper Piecing). It turns out I love the look of FPP, but it took *a lot* of commitment to get me to finish it. 😂

I did a class at Jewel’s Fabric Stash in Bountiful UT with my mom and sister. It was helpful to sew along with them so I had some accountability partners to get me sewing each month!

The silly part of this UFO is I had all of the FPP sewing finished within a year of when I started it. It was piecing the whole thing together and adding borders that slowed me down. Lol!

My second finish was this Irish Chain with classic blocks.

The funny part about this unfinished object is that I wrote this pattern…. And released it in my Block of the Month group on Facebook. And I just never got around to actually sewing it all up. Apparently the last step to finish the quilt top can just be too much sometimes. I find that I can get tired of working on the same project so I just start another one…

Which is how we got to this tiny UFO. This is a Bridget’s Bagettes pattern and I love it!! It has a clear vinyl piece so you can see what’s inside the zipper pouch. I’ve been slowly using up this sewing themed fabric and I now have a full set of matching bags – a tote bag, sewing kit bag, and zippered pouch!

It was a rainy day when I finished my final UFO for the #sevendaysewoff so it was quite windy. That always makes for fun quilt photos! This Basket Weave quilt pattern is from a tutorial by Man Sewing ( and was another example of me being so close and not finishing. All I had to do was add the borders! Lol!! 

Luckily I was able to sneak in some longarm time for my own quilt and was able to get this one step closer to being done!
At least I got to finish up a few things before I have to start packing it all up!

Also, if any of my lovely clients want to get on my list for longarm quilting, hit me up. I’ve already got a waiting list for quilts once I’m set back up in August. But I’ll have plenty of openings – especially if you have a Christmas quilt to gift this year!

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Shauna Westergard - Longarm Quilter