Iiiiiiiiit’s HERE!!!!!

No, it’s not that pattern that I’ve been teasing for the last few months.

This is my very own, ver first, very unpublished pattern I’ve dubbed the Self Care Quilt. It’s still not ready.

But what is “here” then, you ask?


I could not be more ecstatic if I were riding a unicorn through a cloud of cotton candy while raining Skittles in a sea of Mountain Dew!! Seriously.

Just look at these glorious, giant, EXCITING boxes full of soft minky goodness!!

I decided that I should start offering minky fabric to all my amazing quilt customers. You know, the extra wide, 90” velvety softness that is perfect for quilt backs??


So here it is!!!

This all started when one of my local quilt shops closed down its doors. They were the largest seller of minky for miles! And now that the cute ma-and-pop store Brooks Fabrics retired, there is no one local that sells it. Or at least not a good selection.

Minky blanket I made for myself with fabric from the now-closed Brooks Fabric

So I decided I would build my own selection!! And one day when my own dreams of owning a brick and mortar fabric store are realized, I plan to stuff my shop full of minky cuddle fabric!!

Baby blanket I made for my sweet baby girl. Minky is perfect for baby blankets!!

Yes, minky can be tricky to sew.

Yes, it can also be a pain to machine quilt.

And it’s even a pain to cut because all the tiny fibers float into the air and convince my husband that we’re all going to die of asphyxiation and lung cancer.

But I choose to quilt it anyway!! Because the finished blanket is So. Dang. Soft!!

It almost guarantees that my quilts will be used and snuggled in. And that’s what I want, because quilts are made with love, to BE loved!!

This is my Christmas quilt – backed in minky!

Bedsides, I’m the type of quilter that loves a challenge. Which is why it doesn’t bother me at all to cut minky, sew with minky, or deal with the stretch of minky when it’s on my longarm machine.

Because it’s MINKY!!!!

This is my Christmas quilt – backed in minky!

So officially, starting January 2021, I now have five different 90” wide minky colors in stock and I can order any color you need if I don’t have what you want on hand.

The colors I decided on first were colors I thought would be generic enough to meet a lot of different color schemes. The 5 colors I now have in stock are:

Baby Pink

Ash (Gray)


Navy Blue


So when you send in your next quilt, let me know if you want to use the minky I have in stock. I’m so excited for all the quilts this year. I can’t wait to see what everyone has gotten up to during quarantine!!

And as always, happy sewing!