Wo-oah! We're Halfway There!!

Can y’all believe we’re halfway through 2021 already?!?

That means we’re also halfway through the Sew Easy Block of the Month!!!

 I hope everyone has had fun trying out new blocks, new techniques, or revisiting old skills! And because I’ve been working so hard to get the patterns out to you every month, I thought it would be a nice pat on the back to see all the blocks laid out together!


It’s SO satisfying to lay out these blocks and see how far we’ve come!

I also love that I can point out which blocks are from which month.  Do you remember which block we started with?

The first block I shared on the blog was actually for March (Snail Trail anyone?). But I can see the blocks from January and February in here too!

It’s also really helpful to lay out the blocks so I can see how my color scheme is coming together!

Looking at the full set of blocks together I realized that I use a lot of pink!!  Like, pink everywhere!! I keep trying to add in more yellow and teal… but I guess I’m just a pink lover! 

It’s also helpful to see which blocks really steal the show and which blocks get overshadowed. And i’m noticing the strong dark “accent” fabrics I’ve picked are actually REALLY dark!

And thirdly, I’m looking at my background fabric choices…. and not sure how I feel about them.  Lol!


By using lots of different types of background fabric, I’m able to use up a lot of my fabric stash! And it also gives it a “scrappy” feel. I just hope I can pull it all together when we get to the end of the year.  I might end up with sashing between the blocks to help it feel more structured if the scrappy vibe doesn’t work out like I want.

Can I say I’m also surprised by how much I love the Dutchman’s Puzzle Block? My eyes keep wandering back to that block as I look over the quilt.  

I think it’s because it looks like a pinwheel and keeps your eye moving around the block to take everything in.  

I’ll probably be making a lot more of these blocks in the future!

Anyway, if you want to check out the free patterns for these blocks, simply swipe through my past blog posts.  They’re all there!

If you want to join us over on FaceBook in the Block of the month group, click the link below! 


And as you work on your own blocks I would love to see your progress!! Use the hashtag #SewEasyBOM to share your progress on social media!

Which blocks have been your favorite so far? Leave a comment below! Happy Halfway Point everyone!!