August Block of the Month: Hot Cross Buns

Hello! Welcome to August!!
Putting this block together was the first time I got to sew in our new place! I’ve got a few things up on the walls and my cut table all set up. But the coolest thing about my new sewing space are the huge windows!! Check out the awesome lighting!!
Anyway, the block this month is called Hot Cross Buns. It’s sometimes know as the Saw Tooth block, but because that name is usually connected to the Sawtooth Star (and we’ve already done that block), we’re changing up the name a bit.
This block is also a 12 1/2” block, which means it will be 12” when completed in the quilt top. 
We are using two different elements to make this block, half square triangles (HSTs), and a square in a square – which is similar to a snowball block.

To make this block you will need:


(20) 2 1⁄2” squares (5) 4 1⁄2” squares (1) 7 1⁄4” square
(1) 7 1⁄4” square

Pro Tip: If your blocks are coming out a bit too small, size the cut fabric up by 1/8”.  This will give you more wiggle room to size the block accordingly. Simply trim off the excess fabric after piecing. 

Square in a Square

First start by drawing a diagonal line on the wrong side of all (20) 2 1/2” background fabric squares. You will stitch directly on top of this line. 

Take (1) 4 ½” medium fabric square and place (1) 2 ½” background square right sides together in the top left corner. Pin together.  Place another 2 ½” background square in the bottom right corner of the 4 ½” medium fabric square and pin

Sew directly on both drawn diagonal lines. Fold open the triangles and press *before* trimming to check that the edges of the background fabric match up with the colored fabric. This will help keep the square in a square… well, square.

If you’re satisfied with the edges, then trim the excess fabric 1/4” away from the seam. If you’re not happy with the edges, I suggest unpicking and sewing the seam again. 

Place (2) 2 ½” background squares in the remaining opposite corners of the 4 ½” medium fabric square. 
Sew on the diagonal lines and trim ¼” away from the seams. Press the corners open with the seams toward the background fabric. Finished Square in a Square should measure 4 ½” x 4 ½”.  

Repeat four more times for a total of five square in a square pieces.

Half Square Triangles

This is a faster method for half square triangles know as the “four at a time” method. 

Start with the 7 1/4” dark fabric square and the 7 1/4” background fabric square. Place them right sided together and then pin in place. Pin a few times to ensure the fabric squares don’t slip.

Sew a 1/4” seam around the OUTSIDE of the fabric squares on all four sides. You can start in one corner and sew all the way around. But if you find your fabric is moving a lot as you sew, you can start on one straight edge and then sew the opposite side. Then sew the other two sides.
After sewing all four sides, cut the sewn fabric square on both diagonals to make four triangles with a seam along the long edge. You know have four HSTs!
Press the fabric open with the seams toward the darker fabric. The finished HSTs should measure 4 1/2” x 4 1/2”. Trim the blocks as necessary. 

Block Layout

Layout the HSTs and Square in a Square pieces as shown in the diagram. The small arrows show the direction to press your seams. 

Sew the top row together first, pressing the seams toward the darker fabric in the HST squares. 

Sew the middle row together, pressing the seams open. If you prefer, you can press the seams toward the center block to allow the rows to next together better. But it will create a *very* bulky seam which will make quilting it harder.

Sew the bottom row the same as the top row.

Then sew the rows together, pressing the seams open. When sewing the rows together, make sure to pin the seams so the squares will line up.  Because there are triangles ALL the blocks, the selvage of the fabric can make the triangles warp if you’re not careful.  So make sure to pin in place, and if you are still having problems, remember to starch your fabric!

Your block is done! Now share it on social media!! I love seeing all the different blocks that all you quilters create!

Remember, our Facebook group has all these patterns available as well. And we are giving away free longarm quilting at the end of the year for those that have finished their quilt! So stay tuned!