July Block of the Month - Grecian Square

The written pattern can be purchased as part of the Classic Sew Easy Block of the Month Pattern and is available in the Shop.

Hello my lovely quilters!!  Welcome to my absolute favorite month – JULY!!

July is full of all my favorite things: corn on the cob, my birthday, fireworks, my birthday, late summer evenings, my birthday, playing at the lake, and my Dad’s birthday!!

So in keeping with the theme of things I love, we are doing a super simple block this month. Because I love simple east things! And this block is so easy you can whip it up in no time!

This is the Grecian Square. It sews up in about a half hour, including time for cutting and pressing.

Cutting Instructions:
Background Fabric:
      (1) 2 1/2”x 18” rectangle
Dark Fabric:
      (1) 2 1/2”x 18” rectangle
      (2) 5” squares
Accent Fabric:
      (2) 5” squares
      (1) 4 1/2” square

This block is so easy! And because I prefer making things as simple as possible, we get to sub cut!! That means we don’t have to piece every single seam, but we sew one long one first, and then cut the fabric apart after.

Place the long rectangles right sides together and sew a 1/4” seam down one long side. Press the seam toward the dark fabric.

Then sub cut the long strip into 4 1/2”. There should be (4) strip blocks measuring 4 1/2” square.

Next sew the 5” squares to make (4) half square triangles.

Do this by marking a diagonal line on the wrong side of the 5” accent fabric. Place right sides together with the dark 5” fabric. Sew two 1/4” seams, one on each side of the diagonal line.

After sewing on each side of the diagonal line, carefully cut on the diagonal line. Then press the seam toward the dark fabric.

Trim the half square triangles (HSTs) to 4 1/2” square.

Now you just lay the block out! Super simple!!

Place the 4 1/2” accent fabric square in the center. Place the strip blocks around the center square with the background fabric toward the center.

Place the HSTs in the corners with the accent fabric toward the outside of the block.

Now for a tip:

When I sew a block together I usually try to “spiderweb” it whenever I can. Meaning I sew the blocks together in a grid and I don’t trim the threads. This helps so the blocks don’t get sewn out of order and everything is held in the right place for the final longer seams.  ** Notice I’ve left the threads connecting the rows of blocks**

Something else to consider: play with the color!! If you use a darker fabric for the HSTs and a medium dark fabric for the strips then the block looks like the corners are folding in on the block!!

This one is super simple and really easy to change the look of by just changing your fabric choices.

 When you make up this block, share it on social media!! Use the hashtag #seweasybom to share your blocks and see what others have sewn!

Can’t wait to see what you make. Happy quilting!!